Album 1 - The Unloading

First skill to learn: Operate a Bobcat.

Today the plywood and lumber for the boat arrived.

According to the delivery contract I was to provide the man-power and equipment required to unload the shipment. This involved borrowing a Bobcat from a friend in the construction business. The Bobcat was delivered to my house several hours before the truck arrived with the lumber and an operator was to arrive within 20 minutes of delivery time.

Unfortunately about 15 minutes before the truck arrived I was informed that the operator was not going to be able to make it.

15 minutes to learn to operate a Bobcat? No problem!

A fast-read of the manual, a short teach-my-self to drive a Bobcat session, I am ready.

My wife, convinced she was videotaping a submission for "America's Funniest Videos", nervously photo/video documented the experience.

Bobcat arrived early in the day. Operator was supposed to arrive within 30 minutes of delivery time. This was not to be I was left with 15 minutes to learn to operate the Bobcat.

Lumber and plywood arrives on time. Are my Bobcat driving skills up to par?

Buckle in and try to remember everything in the "quick guide".

Left foot pedal raises and lowers the fork lift tonges, right tilts tonges or was it the other way around? Do you push on the front or the back of the pedal to lift?

Dragging out the box with the lumber. Easy... tonges are tilted back to be able to "grab" the box as we pull out.

Easy now... pull out until the other end is over the truck's lift. Then both the truck's lift and the Bobcat need to lower the box.

Ok ready now... let me release the the break switch.

One box is down the truck one more to go.

What do you mean it wont go into the garage like this?

Preparing the second box for unloading.

Are you sure the crate will hold? Kind of banged already huh?

Boxes off the truck. The truck is gone. Now how do we put this stuff in the garage?